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Joulz consists of 1,150 residential units. It contains an array of apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas. All resplendently designed to be illuminated by natural light. Joulz has more than just artful homes; it creates a habitat of well being that its community deserves. Following an eco-friendly philosophy, all of the units in Joulz have been especially designed. The main aim is to provide the best of Egypt’s climate, sunny days and cool air through greenery installed inside each home. This will acclimatize the temperature, keeping the air fresher and cleaner.

A healthy glow is retained through the dedicated jogging and bicycle lanes. The lanes are surrounding the vast verdure between the residential areas. Providing the chance to practice healthier daily habits that are hard to sustain in the city. Apart from unmatched views and vast landscapes, it possesses a fully equipped clubhouse. It also features two professional sport’s fields. Also, many lively children’s playgrounds among other facilities that serve its distinguished community.

The name Joulz is appropriated from Joules, the unit used to measure photons. Photons are the fundamental particle of light-without which life would not be sustainable. On that premise, Joulz’ architecture harnesses this light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance. It is doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Joulz possesses a fully equipped clubhouse

Project's Units

Units Type Starting Area Up To Area
Apartments 117 m2 180 m2
Town Houses 172 m2 196 m2
Twin Houses 180 m2 230 m2
Villas 230 m2 450 m2

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